April 8th, 2007

words bother me

Maybe it strikes a chord; I read these --

"Heck, apple will likely end up selling a bunch more of these rigs because of it ..."

and cringe slightly.  This casual statistical masturbation, and the overjustified familiarity with "these rigs".  Like they're some good old boys down at the saloon talking shop about their robot dinosaurs with ninja lasers.

"overblown suggestion, anyone?"  I hate this one more.  You make some casual observation and then propose an over the top solution to a problem as though it were readily available.  "Apple is now selling an OS that can dual boot with other systems natively.  Rewriting the kernel to allow for dynamic abstract low level API bindings, anyone?"  Screw you dude.

"going to go".  What's up with this?  "I'm going to go read". "I'm going to go running".  I know it's correct but it drags on and on.  "I was going to be going thinking about going to be going reading tomorrow, do you want to be going to go going with me?"  augh