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This weekend was pretty good, overall.

I don't remember what I did Friday night at all. Maybe I will when I start recalling more.

Saturday I didn't do too much. I went around and got some stuff from some places, and then I was waiting for Nate to get back from the guy with the tube amp parts, and while waiting I put up a flower box. See, we aquired this flower box with the apartment, and since I repotted my plants a week ago, it's been sitting in the hallway. It's too nice to throw out but I didn't have a use for it. I ended up making 4 legs for it and putting it up on the beams in my bedroom. Now all I need is some plants for it. I took a nasty old beer out of the fridge, drained it down the sink (faux pas? not once the beer has skunkifed), filled it with water, a chunk of charcoal Erik gave me, and put a stem in with a few leaves. Some website says that in 4 to 8 weeks it will have rooted and be ready for planting. If that's really true, I shall sacrifice a few more stems.

Then I went over to Nate's and hung out there for a bit. Ack, Henninger (sp?), Lapak, Cindy, Jeremy, Nate, and I all took turns playing MarioKart DD, and you know, I hadnt touched it since the week before Thanksgiving... so it was sad that I was coming in second place overall (granted, out of only three, but still). Peachie's got it. w00t.

We ended up downtown Portsmouth with a dilemma -- where to eat? I used a cheap tactic. "Nate, when I pull my cell phone out, whatever the minute hand is shall dictate the place at which we eat". He agreed. 1-3, Muddy River Smokehouse. 4-6, Brewary. 7-9, The Gaslight, an I-talian joint. "What if it's a 0?" he asked. "If it's a 0, we must find a place to which we never before have been". We rolled 0. Oy.

Walking around the block once, we found our destination for the evening: Tequila Jack's. Looked a little dicey, but, well, as pansies, most things do. We stepped in.

Mmm, goodness. What a delight. I forgot that beer in restaurants is expensive, too. I got the steak fajitas, of course. Well, I'm sorry to say it, but Shorty's is off my list of acceptable places to eat, thank you Tequila Jack. I won't miss you!

And that was about all of my Saturday.

Sunday... I woke up early, due to a word game being placed on National Public Radio. "All of the answers have the initials "O.R." Gah. Waking up to that. I got 3 of the answers before the contestant did. Course, she was a vegetarian hippie with no car, so how would she have known "Original Recipe" or "Octane Rating"? Actually, are meat eating right wing daily commuters even allowed to listen to NPR? Oh well -- you'll never see an NPR mug on my desk, I know at least that.

I grabebd a Big Cookie from Store 24, some p0ptrats, and a coffee thing. All nasty, I ate them in my bedroom and started thinking about how Sunday was going to shape up.

An hour later, I found myself squatting, painfully, while balancing myself on the top of a couch, stacked sideways, 8 feet high, being pushed against the wall by my roommate, while attaching 3/8 inch bike hooks into the 130 year old wood of our apartment's rafters, sweating out crank after crank of low gain torque. Finally the hooks were in, and up went our traffic light.

dunno how long this image will be up

That killed my legs. You know. Cause I'm out of shape. Horribly.

Erik and Erika took off after that, and I finally went uptown to drop some stuff off at some places, grab 30 bucks worth of cleaning supplies, and some Wendys. Mm..

I spent from 5 until 9 cleaning the apartment. 2 hours were spent on the bathroom and kitchen, which were pretty intensive. I didn't know how to clean a shower stall, so I mop 'n glowed it with a mop. The crappiest mop on the planet, actually... at 6 bucks I knew I was screwed. It didnt munge the junk off with the water press, so I had to pull all the goop off with my hands under the hot water of the sink. Ew! I mopped the floor, the walls, scrubbed the toilet, the sink, the mirror -- it was sparkling white.

My bedroom looks a little empty again, without the bike or traffic light. I'm so close! If I could just get rid of the computer stuff... it's such a difficult challenge. See, I figured out over a year ago that the less stuff I have in my possession, the less bogged down I feel and the more productive I become. I honestly believe any recent bursts of ambition and clarity are due to this lack of cruft. It's a difficult thing to consolidate beyond a certain point, though. Consider:

2 17 inch monitors
2 mid tower computers
1 cable modem
1 tv decoder (so i can get toon disney in my bedroom)
1 battery backup
2 wireless routers
1 hub
1 switch
all the cables

And that's about the most de-nerded I can get right now. Thats quite a step up/down from the 10 machines I had kicking about 18 months ago, though. In my bedroom there are two desks. One is shaped like a 90 degree wedge from a donut, and the other is shaped like a giant oval, 8 feet by 4 feet. It's a conference table and it's incredibly overbearing for a bedroom. I love it. The oval table I keep empty and reserve for projects such as homework, woodwork, laundry, busting computers open, et cetera. The quarter donut one, though, boy, I wish I could just get rid of it. My ultimate goal right now for that is to get 2 flat screen monitors and mount them from the ceiling downwards. Muwhahahaaa.

Anyhoo. I did some math homework, and I chatted with Jozzy on the phone for like 90 minutes. Both of our phones were being a little flakey, increasingly so. I think my cell phone has issues, which is sad as it's the third one in a season. I should just go back to the first one. Beh.

Well, I guess that's enough procrastinating. I just thought I'd type all of that in rather than deal with the mail server being all messed up. Stupid thing.

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