mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


i went out to the longhorns to drop off an app i grabbed.

me: hi! i'm mike! *shakes hands with dude* I'd like to drop off an application!
dude: ok ... *looks it over* The guy, Matt, is outback. I'll go get him and you guys can sit down and talk!
me: *thinking: W00T!!!* ok.
dude: *looks over app* do you have ANY experience doing this?
me: nope! *big stupid grin*
dude: k. i'll be right back.

doot doot doot

dude: ok mike, i just talked to matt and actually, he has a whole bunch of people he's got to interview.
me: *looks at guys standing around doing nothing* ah, ok.
dude: yeah. i mean, we'll obviously want to hire people who know how to bring food to a table first.
me: uh huh.
dude: yeah so. anyways.
me: right, expect a call, gotcha. *walks out, dejected*
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