mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

and so begins the end

today at work
events occured
that caused a jerk
of rhythm. blurred,

seven years marked so sat i
a witness and an alibi
of all the connectivity:
dial up, the ISP

the size has shrunk
as myths debunk
of where it is we're going
the game we play
does waste away
and damn the seams are showing

and at the core of function
there is just a bit of brightness
that keeps the company around
and sprung alive with lifeness

grok my message people
as it shows that times are ending
rules are broken everyday
and those not broken, bending

today a solid wall of core
that found our workplace quite a bore
decided that he'd had enough
and called his buddy off the cuff

and be it known that it's not me
but rather just a peer here
but that concern is donned by me
as now things are not clear here

carpe diem? sieze the day?
just go out there and bite 'em?
don't they know thats not my way?
I'll go ad infinitum!

(one of the three that makes us a functioning company quit today. so ends it invariably.)
Non curo. Si metrum non habet, non est poema.
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