mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

creepy things

someone parked in my spot tonight. that's happened a few times. i've always left a note, but tonight i wasn't really pissed off from my day, in fact i was in a good mood. so instead, i left something more sinister.

i put a small piece of black electrical tape on their driver side window.

what the hell does it mean?! i dunno. it's black. someone put it there, most likely the guy who owns the spot. but why'd he just put some black tape? that doesnt make any sense. ...can he see me from his apartment? ugh.. better get out of here. hrmm maybe i wont be a lamer next time and just park on the street.

(i was going to put a quarter underneath his wiper blades so it's scratch his windshield next time it rains, but i didn't feel like being a vandal. i would have if i were angry, though)

mmm wendys and porn. i mean trek. wendys and trek. friday nights are the best!
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