mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


I went exploring today during lunch, looking for a new place to eat. Found out.

Corner of Chestnut and Amherst Street. There's a diner there. I thought it was a convenience store. The sign outside said "sandwiches", and hot dog I sure do love sandwiches. So I went in.

There's a little old lady standing at the counter. Barstools mounted to the floor in front of it. A crusty old dude at the end reading the paper. I was definitely interupting.

She looks at me. I instantly liked her; you could tell she was someone's grandmother.

"Hi", I said.

She looked me up and down quickly and then asked what she could do for me. "Could I get a sandwich, please?" I asked, sitting down. A minute later there was a ham and cheese on wheat with mayo, untoasted, sitting in front of me on a real Honest-to-God ceramic plate, with two pickle slices. She poured me an ice water to boot.

I ate the sandwich in silence, taking in all the various memorabilia on the walls. Photos signed by Presidents and rock stars. It was humble and tasteful. I think I'll go back. For 2.75 and 75 cent tip, I walked out still hungry, but damn was it a neat atmosphere. Next time I'll get something real, like a burger. :D
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