mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

so anyways

i have a rental car for the next 21 days or so, so that'll be 600 bucks. 1000 deductable on my car. so 1600 bucks i have to pay. damnations I am a tired boy.

other than the whole mutilation thing, last night I hung out in boston with my dad. they moved the sox game to 8 from 2, so we had to kill 6 hours. saw riddick, it blew, then we walked newbury street and such. then ugh ... we went to the game, and we left at the bottom of the 7th, right after pokey caught that crack to center field with a 4 foor vertical. we got out right in time. well. i guess. i could be bitter and say if we had stayed a little later, i wouldnt have hit that friggin deer. nor would the next 3 cars. *sigh*
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