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what a crummy time

nov 2002. get the honda accord. first thing i do is have the upper and lower radiator hoses replaced, as a friend's car's tubes blew up in downtown boston on a freeway and it was an experience. the place took my 300 dollars and sent me on my way. out in the parking lot (in november) all the windows were down, the car was unlocked, computer software was (amazingly) still sitting in the back seat, and nothing had been done to the car period. not the tubes. not the oil change. not the registration. i got pulled over for not having the sticker in time and got a point on my license. i wrote to the president of the 14 state company and he "offered" to "fix" the "mistake" gratis. my hero.

august. 2003 500 dollars for new timing belt. me being proactive. they didnt plug the alternator in. the car broke down and got towed. they towed it wrong. tore the boots on the cv joints. that simmers for 12 weeks.

november. i get the cv joint fixed cause it's making me nervous.

december. the other vc joint goes. i go to have it checked out. oh! its not just the cv joint. its also the suspension. new one of each please. that'll be 500 dollars, tomorrow (and friday -- i need to get a ride home from my roommate and pay him in fancy food)

on the way home last night from getting the car checked out. the radiator... disintegrates! i drove home through the woods with the heat all the way on and the windows down. it was about 10F last night and it was warm in the cabin with the windows down... yikes. I dropped it off at the place in my parking lot. "The radiator is detroyed. the thermostat is destroyed. the lower radiator tube is done. this all needs to be replaced". 520.55 dollars later here I am at work venting about it. how suspicious it is to me. people who dont know how cars work get suspicious like that.

So tomorrow I drop the car off for two days to get the cv joint and the suspension fixed. i'll peg my credit card at its 2000 dollar limit (i dont have any more than that cause i never use it)

blah. so, i need to find a creative way to save 2000 dollars very quickly. any ideas? :-D
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