mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

another car accident

had another accident last night. some newbie driver kid tore my bumper off while i was stopped at a rotary. gosh darnit all to heck.

so since the spring of 2000:

-crashed the del sol into a ditch nose first, 40 degree angle from ground, minimal damage (snow protected the car)
-slid down a bank and almost landed in the connecticut river. step dad towed me out
-a guy backed his car into me downtown dover in the summer cause he thought a truck was waving him out
-i hugged a corner too hard and tore the paint off the repair from the third accident a week after it was repaired (hit a pole)
-a lady rearended me at a stop sign while i had the accord. she shattered the paint but the bumper didnt rupture, so i let her go
-this summer coming back from a sox game, i hit a deer head on at 55mph, destroyed the front end of the RSX @4000 miles
-last night Pokey rams into me "cause i was paying attention to the guy in the circle not you dood wikked sorry dood"

I've finally had more accidents than pull overs from cops! w00t!!! oh who the hell cares though, thanksgiving dinner was awesome and my newly aquired step family via my new step mom is completely awesome. my sister wasnt home until late, and i left right after she did... it was a great night. (my sister is awfully rotten to me, she's 19 and very full of hate so, i dont get along with her. everyone else was so cool!) i went exploring the railroad beds behind my house with my step-great-uncle. or, more properly, some old dude.
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