mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


I talked to the Dean of CEPS at UNH today. That's the nerd portion of UNH. We picked out some classes today. w00t! I got my student ID card, and my computer email address. From now on, my address is... the same. Muhwaa, like I'd use a crappy university email account when i have more servers than I care to admit.

Also, I sent in an application to the IOL, http://www.iol.unh.edu/ which does interoperability testing between national and global consortium members presenting their digital internetworking protocol product offerings at beta and even alpha stages. The interoperability testing is done using test suites the people working there wrote to automate a variety of statistical analysis, such as data throughput and high bit error rates, fault tolerances, and just general protocol compliance with industry standards (uhbuh, it *is* called an interoperability lab. i guess i don't need to spell this out) anyways, i filled out the online application today because I got a tip there that I would be a shoe in for a job (i kind of need a job as most people probably know) I got a personal reply within about 3 hours of sending the form in, saying they want to interview me this week!!! I'll be making 3/4 of what I made before the giant company layoffs and cutbacks, but my travel expenses dropped my overall expenses by 1/4 ... so, looks like I might still get to enjoy the occasional bag of Wendys afterall! I'm officially going to start eating healthier, though. It's a trifold strategy: i'm going to die soon if i keep eating bad. i wont have the energy for learning. and third, if i cook at home, people will visit me. people visiting = healthy :P

so, thats my big exciting day. and i got a free sushi lunch to boot! w00t!

now i'm off to cook someone a late night spaghetti dinner ...
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