mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


so my dad got married last night. and i stayed in claremont cause my stupid brother got us lost in vermont during an ice storm for 2 hours coming home. bleh!

i looked at Acura RSXes today. those are pretty nice. i wanna get one in a week, or, something. i can tell when doom is coming, and my car has doom coming.

i'm going to get more gatoraide at the "store24" downstairs and across the parking lot. i love that place. sure, everything costs twice as much as it should, but my Id doesn't care! Or is it my superego? *shrug* I never got into that voodoo.

What else is new. Oh, someone hosted a warez server on the ethernet segment at work and crapped our global network out. the same day, the www server crashed. all while i was incommunicado. is that a word? it is now anyways.
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