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Feeling a wee bit stressed, financially ... never been a fan of that, although I've never been in a really tight spot before, either. Maybe worrying about it enough prevents such a scenario? The default answer is 'no', but upon further thought, it's safer to go with 'perhaps'. Ah well. The Accord goes for sale tomorrow night, when I plaster flyers all over UNH's bulletin board, and some online classifieds as well. 2800 bucks, por favor. Definitely a favor, I might add. The new car feels very nice. The low end torque is a little needy, but then again, I'm not Speed Racer nor is it the Mach 5. I'll be looking forward to 'actualizing' (what a horrible new word) the cost savings of a Manchester commute instead of a Londonderry commute, 30 minutes less round trip.

My Saturday was shifted and odd. Well, first let me admit that 2 weeks ago I was sure it was Daylight Saving Time Day. I prematurely pushed my clocks ahead an hour, and when I learned that I was early, I refused to adjust them again. So the past 2 weeks have been DST for me. Last night the world caught up, and now it's 'normal' again.

6 months ago, I switched to UTC for all my measured time events. UTC is almost the same thing as GMT, and honestly, I don't know the small, anal difference between the two. Greenwich, if you don't know, is a town somewhere in England, I think. It's 12 hours behind the International Date Line. It doesn't change every 6 months, either. So, enraged last Fall about the time change, I said "No, I won't be doing this again." So I changed from the newly refreshed EST (which, a day before, was EDT) to UTC. To convert to UTC in the winter months, you add 5 hours. As of last night, (just changed to EDT) you add 4, which is far easier to do in the head. Course, by my UTC timezone not changing, all of my activities now occur an hour earlier in the UTC day than they did last week. I'll be getting up at noon, not 1pm. My classes will be at 10pm, not 11pm. Et cetera.

I use the UTC only for server stuff, though. I don't have my alarm clocks and wrist watches and car stereo on UTC -- that would be more nerdy than I care to project, and also someone else might need those clocks.


So anyways, yesterday was just a complete wash. I took my starting-to-become-regular Saturday afternoon nap from an hour after I got up until about 4pm. They say screwing with your sleep patterns will ruin your equilibrium, and to them I say "screw you" -- oh, look at that, equilibrium. My naps are not a deep slumber like my normal sleep, and often lucid enough that I'm amused by my subconscious reciting various song lyrics, movie quotes, and other random tidbits I only recall as being such.

So 5pm rolls around, and Erik's nowhere to be found. I wanted to walk. My left foot hasn't ached in a few weeks and it's time to air the little bastard out. Nate asks me if I want to go for a walk from his building into town, and back. He was waiting for a disk to copy data over, and it was a multi hour event, so I said "sure" and drove over. We walked the 2.2 miles into Durham and ate at a recently rebuild bar named "Libby's". It's a commonly held acceptance that Libby's pulled some bodacious insurance fraud, as they were a townie watering hole crap-house, until the fire, and then a year later, they've taken the building down to the bedrock and rebuilt with a fancy upscale neighborhood bar and grill feel.

We both had a Guinness, of which I have not had in a long while. It was bland and superior to the tart, tangy beer they milked from the tap the last time I had one. To be all around Irish I grabbed the Reuben to buffer the giddyness of one beer on a 20 hour empty stomach.

The walk back started off ... silly. As the beer burned off quickly, 20 minutes later into our 40 minute walk back, we shifted the converstation to the calibration of general measuring devices in engineering, and lowest cost calculations for gamma ray interceptions via a two dimensional co-ordinate plane. (Evidently it's better to just rotate a random line on a graph until its horozonal and send down how much you turned it than it is to send down the point-intercept form all you friends of mine remember from math class -- y=mx+b.) Yeah.

Then we were back to my car, and I drove home and finished burning 4 gigabytes of Brand X techno music onto the server's hard drive.

Oh, and speaking of that -- I plugged the drive in at home tonight and had some incredible luck! The drive decided to mount here at home, albeit with boot up errors. I'm uploading the sites that weren't restored last week.

Well, my "Hungry Man" Turkey TV dinner just dinged in the microwave. Time to go eat some nitrates! Later kids!

PS which is gayer: "Hungry Man" TV dinners, or the Brawny Paper Towel dudes?

PPS not that there's anything wrong with gay things. I'm just a homophobe.
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