mike (digitalsushi) wrote,


a dood emailed me for the accord, but i never said it was a stick, so he doesnt want it. oh well.

i plugged the backup server in from work today, and, it's dead. well, the disks are dead, i mean. this happens quite a bit!

hrm what else will no one care about ...

oh, check out http://studio-e3.com/sketchbook/ It's my roommate's old sketchbook diary. He did it for almost a year last year. He gave up on it, but a few weeks ago he started pointing out what occured exactly a year ago. About the third time he did this, I spoofed one, and he thought it was entertaining enough to give me permission to erase last year's and put new words in. He's doing it too. Check it out, if you want.
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