mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

Re: i'm back!

Mexico was fun. We were there for a week, Saturday through Saturday. When we got there, we were taken to the resort by taxi. Since the taxi didn't have the little access pass the resort gives you at sign-in, we had to go the back way through this really third-world neighborhood. The streets were all dirt and flooded, and every third puddle had a carrion smell that forced held breath.

The resort was nice enough. It was the off-season down there, so amid sparce occupancy, we dociled with no other USA folk and the rest, locals. The real star of the vacation was the Bar Lanai, a little restaurant built into a rear alcove of the resort. By the end of the week, the wait staff knew us on a first name basis. Their food was humble but delicious, and we ate most of our meals there. Javier was our friendliest waiter, but we liked the well groomed older gentleman and the taller fellow more, nameless to us.

The resort got only one television station, TBS. We ended up watching a lot of it, since we stayed in most of the days there. We ventured out a few of the days, but each one left us staying in the next. The first time we went out, we tried the main drag of Acapulco. It was fun, but a little stressful. We were constantly heckled by street vendors. The ocean beach with all the skyscraper resorts was nice; a little dirtier than we expected, but that was true of the entire city. Up on the street, the same proliferation of flooded intersections abounded. Construction was ubiquitous in Acapulco, perhaps due to tourism's off-season. We took some much needed downtime in a small mall to see a Spanish subtitled Batman. Hearing English was comforting after a half week of Spanish only.

Speaking of Spanish, it really comes back to you. Not just the grammer, either. Vocabulary pops back into your head, lost words reconnected.

We stayed in Torre Blanca, overlooking Puerto Marquez Bay
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