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Final Presentation for the Theory of Computation

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I won't use my professor's name... Tonight was my final presentation for a class called "The Theory of Computation".  I went in, and started presenting, and within the first 60 seconds she had interrupted me, claiming she didn't understand what I was saying.  And so for the next 45 minutes, she interrupted me every half a minute, saying that my definitions were meaningless.  I'd say "In this rule, a Variable maps to a string in the language L consisting of either Terminals or Variables".  She'd cut me off and say "I don't know what map means."  Every other sentence.  At the end, she asked me to identify whether a^n b^n c^m for m,n >= 0 in integers was a context-free grammar.  At first I didn't think it was, but then I started to generate a context free grammar for it.  She interrupted me -- "Michael, clearly I don't have enough time to explain this to you such that you can understand it.  Let's just stop here.  Thanks for coming in."  argh.
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