mike (digitalsushi) wrote,

dotster ipv6 glue

I've been with dotster since 1999. Lots of domains over there.

They are a huge registrar and they have been very good to me. But they are not providing ipv6 glue records. Ever. They won't even make a vague comment like "it is being discussed by our engineers".

I have asked them three times over the past four years. Same answer each time. Each time I have threatened to migrate to another registrar.

Anyways, dotster, you have failed. It is 2011 and June 8 IPv6 day is in a week. My data center, Linode, offers native IPv6 and I can't even publish that it's there. You have the smallest job to do, they finished their big project. You've turned into the network solutions I went running from in the late 1990s.
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